Monday, May 29, 2006


Mainstream pop (I mean really mainstream, chart-topping popular music) has the frustrating quality of being mostly terrible. I'm not denying I'm basically being a snobbish prick here, but I just can't help thinking most of the top selling acts (especially here in North America) are really boring. However, by using the word frustrating I'm actually trying to emphasize the mostly part; which is to say that I also think some mainstream pop is in fact very good, even excellent. I guess it's appropriate then, to name an example of what I consider exceptionally good commercial pop. "Promiscuous," Nelly Furtado's latest single is simply fantastic. In what's got to be one of the smartest career moves ever, Nelly has teamed up with hip-hop/r&b superproducer Timbaland and released this track which, along with "Maneater" (also excellent), will be included on her forthcoming album Loose. The verse (rapped) is peppered with a vibey loop that just won't leave your head. The chorus (sung) features a cheap, '80s-sounding synth and it's also catchy as hell. If something doesn't go horribly wrong (i.e. something probably will) this should be huge. No mp3 this time but here's a link to Nelly's page where you can watch the video, which isn't really that special, but at least it features -you guessed it- Nelly Furtado, and that can't be a bad thing.


Blogger Loonatiqa said...

Oh, that's interesting. I happened to like this song as well. Actually, I listened to it approx. 5 times last night before going to bed.
It's quiet tonight here where I am.

Good night.

5/29/2006 11:08 PM  
Blogger daavid said...

Did you have it on 'repeat' or what?

5/30/2006 12:57 AM  
Blogger Loonatiqa said... do u know? It was on repeat.

I can see three boats from my window.

Good morning.

5/30/2006 7:33 AM  
Blogger fischer said...

Hey, I had exactly the same "thoughts" on this single. I do agree this one is just fantastic. I was worried for a moment that I became a Nelly Furtado fan...but if there are others feeling the same way then I feel better about it. :-)))

5/31/2006 1:23 PM  
Blogger daavid said...

Yeah,it can be sometimes confusing to start liking artist you are not supposed to like (although I didn't have much of a problem with Nelly before). I've more or less tried to start liking songs instead of artists, it works better for me.

I'm excited that there also seems to be some critical consensus about this one, as you can read in this weeks Stylus Singles Jukebox. Go Nelly!

5/31/2006 3:43 PM  
Blogger daavid said...

Nelly Furtado releases "Maneater" in the UK this week and again gets the highest marks on the Stylus Singles Jukebox. Soon I'll post something about yet another amazing new Nelly Furtado song!

6/06/2006 3:42 PM  
Blogger NGC4038 said...

song is sold for verizon ads...already:(

6/09/2006 1:06 PM  
Blogger J'ason D'luv said...

Makes sure you check out Nelly's whole album, daavid! The song "Do It" is so Kylie/early Madonna, i.e., Yay!

6/11/2006 11:17 AM  
Blogger daavid said...

I'll do! And I've also very impressed with "Say It Right"

6/12/2006 2:24 AM  
Blogger Loonatiqa said...

POP against ROCKISM??


Do you mean pop against german punkism, too?

6/26/2006 10:55 AM  
Blogger daavid said...

Funny you asked Loonatiqa. I'm going to write something about rockism soon.

6/26/2006 1:29 PM  
Blogger NGC4038 said...

And can you write about the Showtunes sometime, too? :-)

7/03/2006 7:46 PM  
Blogger Jesse said...

You certainly have interesting taste in music. I'll have to check this stuff out.

What's this about translating "embarrassed" to Spanish? I haven't caught on to that one, which probably means that approximately 800 middle-schoolers have been giggling madly behind my back for the past couple of months.

7/16/2006 4:42 PM  

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